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Is Your "Fair Cash Offer" Really Fair?

Or Am I Just Going To Get A Low-Ball Offer?

You may be like most people and really wonder if that cash offer you just received from a Cash Home Buyer is really "fair". When you contact a "We Buy Houses" Company, they all claim to have the ability to give you a fair cash offer. And yes it will be a cash offer. But you want to know, "why is it so low?"

So let's dive in and get to the bottom of this so called "fair cash offer". But first, if you don't know how a "We Buy Houses" Company or a Cash Home Buyer works, check out these blog posts to learn more about how a cash home buyer works.

I Just Want To Know About The Fair Cash Offer!

Of course you do, and you're not the only one. So here's how we at Envy Property Solutions get to our fair cash offer.

Like every company, they need to make money. And Envy Property Solutions is no exception. So if we were to give you full market value for your house or property, we wouldn't make any money at all. Just like the stock market, you don't buy high and then sell high. If you did that, you might make a few dollars, but what if as soon as you buy the value goes down? Well, you don't make anything and you lose money. That would be the same thing if we were to buy your property at market value. As you know, the market fluctuates all the time, as of lately, we have seen it going up.

We find the value of all the homes that are selling in your neighborhood. Then once we have seen the property in its "as-is" state, we determine the number of repairs it needs. For example, if your house needs approximately $10,000 in repairs or renovation that is factored into the cash offer. Also, keep in mind, just because you put work into your house doesn't mean it will increase the value. We also factor in these other costs that most people don't think about.

  • Closing Costs - Not only do we pay yours, we pay them again when we sell the property.
  • Realtor Fees - They can be as high as 8% of the sales price.
  • Property Taxes - If you owe them, yep, we pay 'em, and then pay them while we own the property.
  • Other Holding Costs, such as Electricity, Water, Sewer, and the other Utilities.
As you can see, all those costs can add up quickly.

Am I Really Going To Get A Fair Cash Offer?

Okay, But How Do I Know It Is A Fair Cash Offer?

Fair Cash Offer From Envy Property Solutions, LLC

You can find out for yourself if you really are getting a fair offer and here's how.

  1. Check Compareable Properties That Are Nearby
  2. Truely Think About The Costs To Repair Your Home
  3. Factor In All The Utilities You Pay - Trash, Water, Property Taxes, etc.

Also, you will want to check on the cash home buyer or buyers that you are going to use. Make sure to check the following to make sure you are working with a legitimate home buyer.

  1. They Have Testimonials From Real People
  2. If They Have a Website Check it Out. Do They Have Lots Of Helpful Info? Or No?
  3. BBB Accredited or Chamber of Commerce Member

And of course, make sure to get the opinions of more than one. Even if you don't have that kind of time, it is best to get the opinion of another home buying company. Plus, getting more than one offer may let you know if you are getting a good deal or not. You can eliminate a lot of doubt by getting two or three offers.

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